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Establish An Alibi Women's Ideal Racerback Tank

Establish An Alibi Women's Ideal Racerback Tank

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In the dimly lit bar, the air thick with the scent of whiskey and clandestine deals, a shifty character named Vincent slinked into the shadows. Dressed in a sharp suit and sporting a fedora pulled low over his eyes, he exuded an air of mystery and intrigue. As he sidled up to the bar, a sly grin played on his lips, and he leaned in to the bartender with a whispered confidence, "I'm just here to establish an alibi." The words hung in the air like a carefully crafted riddle, leaving everyone within earshot to wonder what clandestine activities Vincent was entangled in, and just how far he was willing to go to conceal the truth.

Product Details:

  • Made with extra light fabric (60% combed, ring-spun cotton, and 40% polyester: 4 oz/yd² (135 g/m²)) this racerback tank is supremely lightweight and an excellent choice for the active lifestyle.
  • The classic fit alone makes the tank a comfortable choice under high performance while the scooped neckline brings a sporty touch to the whole outfit.
  • For a completely scratch-free experience, all tanks come with a tear-away label for unhindered performance on a daily basis.
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